martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Spanish 1b miercoles 2/6 DUE TODAY!

1. visit
visit 12 Spanish speaking Capital cities. (choices below) Simply type the name of the city, and country in the search box.
2. Create a PowerPoint slide show. On each slide, paste a picture of the city and a sentence that describes why someone went there.
**Ir in the past tense + a + city + a + infinitive. Use a different subject for each slide.
Mi madre fue a Buenos Aires a tomar un batido.

Fui a Quito a bailar el merengue.
E-mail me your finished product!

***Look up words on You are more likely to remember a word if YOU look it up. I will help with phrases and verifications only (:

3. Star and label the city on the map. Quiz on Tuesday. Make flashcards or two column notes to study!! You will only be responsible for identifying 12 capital cities and countries.


Argentina Buenos Aires
Bolivia La Paz
Chile Santiago
Colombia Bogotá
Ecuador Quito
Paraguay Asunción
Peru Lima
Uruguay Montevideo
Venezuela Caracas
Costa Rica San Jose
Panama Panama
Honduras Tegucigalpa
El Salvador San Salvador
Nicaragua Managua
Mexico Mexico City (D.F.)
Guatemala Guatemala
Cuba La Habana
Republica Dominicana Santo Domingo
Spain Barcelona

Bring in an authentic dish to share with the class. Turn in the recipe/ receipt if bought from a tienda. There are tiendas and a Mexican bakery on Portage road in downtown Kalamazoo. Explain to the class where you bought it or how you made it.

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