jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Puerto Rico

A. You meet a samurai Surfer on the beach. Watch the video and read the story. Write me an e-mail(mruiz@otsegops.org) explaining what a samurai surfer is.

B. Check out San Juan, Puerto Rico at www. panoramio.com
Find three specific places mentioned in the textbook.

C. Visit the Puerto Rican childrens' museum in San Juan.
1. Click on the second/third grade link.
Under juegos, play Senales del transito
Under salud, play se come los raices
Under espanol, play any of the games.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Anatomy of a bullfight

Anatomy of a bullfight
Apuntes: Take notes on the numbered definitions of each stage of the bullfight. (15 points)
A Torear: Your group will be responsible for reenacting the bullfight in detail. (30 points)
You may use your notes, but the reenactment should be smooth.
Two points will be deducted for each missing detail.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011


Fill out the food guide pyramid worksheet using the following information.
1. http://www.mypyramid.gov/downloads/sp-miniposter.pdf
2. Partes

The back of the worksheet asks you to fill in the pyramid with foods YOU eat. The bottom represents foods you eat all of the time, then sometimes, hardly and the top; never. you need 7-10 foodws per category.

**50 pt. Matching quiz over all of the food items from the vocab sheets. Foods only (not phrases like pagar la cuenta, frito etc.) 5 points extra credit on the quiz if you make flashcards for all of the food items.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011


1. Create an Earth Day poster based on the NatGeo commercials.

  • Give the reader advice how to make changes to their lifestye to celebrate Earth Day.

  • Use 5 specific commands (normally for a public commercial, you would use formal commands, but for the sake of this review, use informal commands. )


  • You may choose to record a video instead.

Due today.

If you turn it in Monday, you must have a parent sign the poster confirming that you have shared the advice with them.

No Molestar! VERDE - PROMO Día de la tierra en NATGEO

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


EL CINE http://madrid.lanetro.com/cine A. Research 2-3 movies.
For each movie: List the title in Spanish and the 1.Calificación. 2.Click leer más to read about the film. Translate one sentence about the film. 3.Watch the trailer. After watching the trailer, write tu opinión. Choose one of the opinions to express; Me llama la atención. Me interesa. Me deja frío. Me da lo mismo. Me parece un rollo.

B. Translate the following sentences to Spanish and fill in with the movie that best fits the description.
1. There are no (horror, romantic, comedy, documentary) movies that I want to see.
2. There are no children that should see ________________.
3. There are no adults that should see _______________.
4. No one wants to see _______________.
5. I never want to see _______________.

** useful vocab
There are-hay
children- ninos
to want-querer
to should-deber
to see-ver/mirar

jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Spanish 2A

Welcome to the library. Please be mindful that we need to keep our voices down. After you complete your Spanish homework, you may work on assignments from other classes. Ipods and mp3 players are allowed. This should be a day to investigate more about the Dominican Republic and relax.

Task: Visit Expresate

Step One: Go to Expresate
(If you are asked for a password, it is exp2 ch3)

Step Two: Complete the following task:

1. View the Photo Tour of Santo Domingo.

Task: Make a Travel Brochure for the Dominican Republic
Step One: Visit each of these websites and determine what facts and information you would like to include in your brochure:





Step Two: Create a brochure in Microsoft Word or MS Publisher. It should include at least 3 images with captions of what they are, and information about a minimum of 3 destinations or activities travelers should do on their trip. Brochures will be graded on 1) appearance, 2) accuracy of information, and 3) proper spelling and grammar.

When you are finished, you should print them off and submit them in the grading box.

1. Travel Brochure
2. Extra Credit for the Quiz

REMEMBER: Vocab and Culture Quiz next Wednesday

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Regular preterite

Regular preterite drills

Generate a unique quiz
Copy and paste the odd answers

Regular preterite drills 2

Complete 2 5 minute drills until you get 100%

miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011



1. Visit www.panoramio.com and search Costa Rica. Costa Rica and visit 10 virtual places on the panoramio map. Plot the locations on your Costa Rica map. When you visit a virtual place look through 3-10 pictures
2. Plan an Ecotourism trip in Costa Rica for you and your friend or family.
Research the trip highlights and locations. Research what makes the trip an “Ecotour.”
3. Write an outline of your trip in chronological order for an audience of student travelers.
4. The introduction and conclusion must include information about ecotourism. They should tell the reader what ecotourism is and why your trip qualifies. The introduction and conclusion need to be written out. The body is just an outline.


You work for a marketing firm inCuzco, Perú. You have been chosen to market a car from the 2011 auto show in Detroit. (Unfortunately, your best friend did not get the job (Please work individually.)
1. Get to know your demographic. View the images of Cuzco and familiarize yourself with the types of vehicles that would sell succesfully.
a. View the photo tour.
at Think Central
In the Go resources box, type in the keyword, exp2 ch2
Click on Photo tour. Listen and watch the slide show.
b. Go to http://www.lonelyplanet.com/peru/cuzco-and-the-sacred-valley/cuzco
View all of the slideshows in the IMAGE GALLERY. Be thinking about which type of vehicle and advertisement would interest Peruvians most.

2. Choose a vehicle from the 2011 auto show in Detroit.

3. Create your advertisement in the form of a poster in a Word Document. Include a photo of the vehicle and photos from the Cuzco gallery. Include 2 affirmative and 2 negative commands as well as any other pertinent information you think will sell your car.

domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Vince Vaccaro - Costa Rica (acoustic)

Madrid, Spain Travel Video Guide

NFL Player Chad Ochocinco visits Real Madrid

Esp 3a para empezar 10/1

por y para

Dream Home Spanish Tour - 2-HGTV

Dream Home Spanish Tour - 1-HGTV

HGTV Dream Home » Archive » The 90-Second Tours – en Español!

HGTV Dream Home » Archive » The 90-Second Tours – en Español!

Esp 2a Para Empezar 10/1

Escribe cierto o falso.

El carpintero sabe construir casas.
El abogado sabe cortar el pelo.
El cartero sabe llegar a tu casa.
El cocinero sabe arreglar carros.
El enfermero sabe cuidar a los enfermos.

Esp 2b para empezar 10/1

Escribe cierto o falso:

Yo pude visitar a mis abuelos.
Mis amigos pudieron salir conmigo el domingo.
Yo pude terminar toda la tarea.
No traje un amigo a la casa.
Mi familia me trajo a la iglesia.
Yo traje dinero al cine.
Mi madre me trajo a hacer diligencias.

Poder and traer