viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


EL CINE A. Research 2-3 movies.
For each movie: List the title in Spanish and the 1.Calificación. 2.Click leer más to read about the film. Translate one sentence about the film. 3.Watch the trailer. After watching the trailer, write tu opinión. Choose one of the opinions to express; Me llama la atención. Me interesa. Me deja frío. Me da lo mismo. Me parece un rollo.

B. Translate the following sentences to Spanish and fill in with the movie that best fits the description.
1. There are no (horror, romantic, comedy, documentary) movies that I want to see.
2. There are no children that should see ________________.
3. There are no adults that should see _______________.
4. No one wants to see _______________.
5. I never want to see _______________.

** useful vocab
There are-hay
children- ninos
to want-querer
to should-deber
to see-ver/mirar

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